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Basha High Vibration Bracelet


Basha High Vibration Bracelet


Product Description

New Collection August 2019 - High Vibration Beautiful Bracelet

Lepidolita, Obsidiana ( Volcanic glass) lapis Lazuli, Spectrolite, Plata 9.25.

Face each day with optimism, empower your self-confidence in your professional projection so your achievements are recognized.

Present yourself as a person with high personal vibration to overcome the vibes from ill-intentioned people and enjoy your work which is the fountain of your prosperity.

Lepidolite: Good health. Our bodies are the physical manifestations of our vibrations. High quality energy leads to a body at a highly functional level and this results in a great personal presentation. Our energy affects our appearance, when we feel better our skin glows more, our hair is shinier, and our days will be better.

Lava: The energy of volcanic lava activates the vital energy and promotes passion for the projects of life. It fosters personal creativity and strengthens perseverance to attain your goals. Ideal for entrepreneurs, athletes and leaders. Fire energy of the coronary chakra.
Spectrolite: It causes the person to feel, strong, empowered to charge forward moving mountains. Characteristics that generally feel too difficult suddenly are felt to be within reach, it also develops interactions pleasing to other people.

Obsidian: Generates feelings of strength, of being capable to move forward and move mountains. Characteristics that generally feel very difficult suddendly feel possible. It also fosters pleasant interactions with other people.

Lapis Lazuli: Going with the flow: a high vibration will keep you at an optimum state of productivity, easily flowing from one movement to the next. You will feel in perfect equilibrium, neither overwhelmed nor bored. Frequently you will have a feeling of being “in your zone”.

This combination will help you to experience intuitive or “psychic” moments. When we are in a high energy state, we receive information beyond our five senses. For example, all of a sudden you’ll have the answer to a question or experience a vision of what’s expected in a work related strategy. A high vibration takes us to a higher level of knowledge and comprehension.

Activation and Cleansing
The cleansing process enhances the natural super power of the stones and helps each piece of jewelry communicate better with its future owner.
To keep in harmony with nature, your Basha jewelry needs to be energized before initial wearing and cleansed periodically.
Cleanse your bracelet in one of the following ways to keep the positive energy flowing:
1-Place your bracelet in a crystal clear glass of cool water and a pinch of sea salt for one minute.
2-Place your piece in the sunshine or full moonlight for one hour.
3-Rinse the stones in moving water for a few minutes. Whatever method you choose, remember that, the energy pattern of your body is completely unique as a finger print





is; therefore, your bracelet must not be exchanged with anyone else.


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