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Basha Financial Order Bracelet Women


Basha Financial Order Bracelet Women


Product Description

Created with the highvibration of the number π PI applied to the energetic values of the stones and the metal. The bracelet of the financial order has the purpose of awakening changes and bringing resilience to adverse financial situations and to renew us, help us catch our breath, recover from a traumatic economic situation and move forward. Whether you are seeking to rid yourself of debts, to recoup debts or to attain control and order.

New Collection High Vibration Bracelet

Copper, lava, Iron ore stone, Silver 9.25

Beautiful combination to create financial order in the face of adverse situations. Created with highly energetic elements of order and clarity to awaken the neuroeconomy.

Debt is a vicious circle and the financial disorder , intentionally or not, is the result of our unbalanced emotional decisions.

White Quartz, Iron ore stone accompanied by copper and Lava volvanic Stone create the resilience to recover from a harmful financial situation and gives us the clarity to learn to manage, invest and repair our finances.

When you start using this combination of programmed crystals, remember that before purchasing them you must ask yourself this question: “What would happen if I don’t buy it?” When you give yourself an honest answer, make the decision of not buying or of buying it if you really need it. Remember- the great majority of expenses you incur are for things you want, but you DON’T really need.

This energetic combination of the financial order will also help you in the recovery of lost moneys. Receive this healing energy in your left hand.

Activation and Cleansing
The cleansing process enhances the natural super power of the stones and helps each piece of jewelry communicate better with its future owner.
To keep in harmony with nature, your Basha jewelry needs to be energized before initial wearing and cleansed periodically.
Cleanse your bracelet in one of the following ways to keep the positive energy flowing:
1-Place your bracelet in a crystal clear glass of cool water and a pinch of sea salt for one minute.
2-Place your piece in the sunshine or full moonlight for one hour.
3-Rinse the stones in moving water for a few minutes. Whatever method you choose, remember that, the energy pattern of your body is completely unique as a finger print is; therefore, your bracelet must not be exchanged with anyone else.

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