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About Jenny

I have always loved clothes! As a mother, and a self-starter who is motivated by the entreprenuerial spirit, I live in work-out and leisure clothes and have always wanted to put together some of my favorite women's clothing products online so that women can feel and look great fast! My vision became more focused recently, when I became obsessed with having a web site with trendy, sassy, and fitted clothing that would make women feel skinnier, leaner and look fabulous! The fabrics are made to fit your silhouette and bring out your best body rocking features!

Recently, I went through my closet, which has a grotesque amount of collared shirts due to my working history in corporate, sales, and government.  I thought, "How can I have this many nice collared shirts, but when I put them on I feel like a bulgy muffin?" "How can these shirts look so terrible?" I thought, this is nuts! I need a fitted shirt that looks good and fits like a glove and makes me look skinny! Every girl/woman needs one great black and white collared shirt (or two)!  Women, we need a shirt that will hold in our rolls. Even if you're a supermodel, you will still like the SkinnyShirts™ . 

Women want easy and fast! Women want to be able to get dressed quickly and look good. We spend too much time destroying our closets and spending hours putting them back together. If you don't know what I am talking about then you should count yourself lucky. 

My mission was to choose (certain shirts, pants, leggings, tops, jackets, capri's, and the list goes on) that fit your figure perfectly. The type of clothing that has comfort and style. The goal was to choose the type of clothing that makes your figure look better than it is! Clothes that you can wear anywhere and all the time. It is not easy being a superwoman! Women feel pressure to look good. What we women care about is time, right? The faster we can get dressed and look great the easier our lives are!

I've decided we all deserve to look good in a fun, fitted, trendy, and comfortable pair of work-out pants or leggings racing to the grocery store, gym, work, and everywhere that we women go.  Stretchy, moveable slimming leggings always work! I chose products that women will LOVE!  Wear these clothes any day of the week and/or weekend. Even if you have gained a little weight they will look GREAT!  The clothes are fitted, stretchy and the fabrics are designed to make us look SLIM!

From now on you won't need to try on four leggings and three tops. You will have the right clothes, and they will fit your body without the bulging.  You can mix and match. You can even wear one of the SkinnyShirts™ with an awesome pair of leggings or pants.  Who says you can only dress one way?  Women you can do whatever you want! I hope my clothes will make you feel confident. 

Through the journey of selecting clothing to make you feel good, I recently travelled throughout Costa Rica and came across the Basha Healing Energy Bracelets, that you wear on your wrist. These beautiful healing energy braclets became an obsession! Clothing is a key component to how we feel, but everything we wear has an effect! My focus is helping you feel good in what you wear! This Collection of Basha Healing Bracelets became a brand that I had to share and offer to all of you! Please look at this gorgeous amazing Collection of healing, energy bracelets!

The Basha bracelet re-aligns my thoughts. I wear the Basha Bracelet and now consider it my shield or lucky charm! I had to share this Basha Collection with all of you, to inspire other's to wear what makes us feel better! The bracelets are for women and men!    

Here is to saving time because you have the right clothes and feeling better with the Basha Healing Energy Bracelet! I hope you enjoy JennyDressWell and to looking GREAT and feeling GREAT in what you are wearing! 


Yours truly,